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Brain Injury Lawyers Los Angeles

Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyers
Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyers

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other serious head injuries can be devastating for both the victim of the accident and their loved ones.

Brain injuries can result in profound life changes, mounting medical bills, extensive treatment, and emotional distress.

If you or someone you know has incurred a serious brain injury due to the negligent or intentional act of another person or party, it is essential to seek counsel from experienced Los Angeles brain injury lawyers.

The team at Peerali Law understands the gravity of what you are going through and is committed to helping you receive the compensation you deserve to help you heal and carry on.

Contact our Los Angeles brain injury lawyers or call us at 818-862-4435 today.

Why You Need a Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney

TBI cases can be challenging. Brain damage can be difficult to diagnose and does not always appear on scans and medical tests. 

To make matters more complicated, symptoms may not appear immediately, leaving you to prove that they are actually the result of the accident and have negatively impacted your life. 

It is important to work with serious brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles that know how to navigate the complex California legal system and handle TBI cases.

We will work diligently to ensure you receive maximum compensation to ease your current and future financial burden. 

You may be entitled to recover medical expenses, temporary or permanent disability, lost wages and earning potential, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more. 

What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury is generally caused by a sudden impact to the head, causing disruption in the brain.

Over 2.8 million Americans experience a brain injury each year. TBI is a broad term that can describe a vast array of injuries to the brain ranging in severity. 

The damage can be confined to one area of the brain (focal) or more than one area of the brain (diffuse). Some common types of brain injuries include concussions, contusions, intracranial hematomas, and brain hemorrhages. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics 

Anyone can experience TBI. Here are some of the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

  • About 176 Americans died from TBI-related injuries each day in 2020.
  • There were more than 223,000 TBI-related hospitalizations in 2019.
  • In 2019, about 15% of all U.S. high-school students self-reported one or more sports or recreation-related concussions within the preceding 12 months.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America, one in every 60 people has a TBI-related disability, culminating in around 5.3 million people total. Also, one person in the U.S. sustains a brain injury every nine seconds. 

Common Causes of TBI?

There are many ways a traumatic brain injury can occur. Here are some of the more common:

  • Slip or fall, 
  • Vehicle accident, 
  • Sports injury, 
  • Skull penetration, and
  • Explosions 

Falls are responsible for nearly half of all hospitalizations that are TBI related. Sometimes these occur because of clumsiness or lack of balance. 

Falls that occur because of a broken walkway, product malfunction, or slippery surface in a business place are just a few examples of situations that could result in premise liability legal action. 

Vehicle accidents are often caused by negligent drivers. Sports injuries may occur because of malfunctioning protective gear or the failure of a coach or official to protect players.

There is a lot to consider when determining fault for the cause of a traumatic brain injury. 

Anything that causes an impact to the head can result in TBI. The impact does not actually have to be forceful. In some cases, the angle of the impact can be the primary cause of the damage. 

If any of these occurrences happened because of someone else, you should seek counsel from brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles. You may be entitled to valuable compensation. 

Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose. Signs of TBI may not present until days, weeks, or even months after the accident occurred. 

Any time a person endures an impact to the head, it should be taken seriously. Make sure that you or your loved one are seen by a medical professional.

They may need to run a variety of tests to achieve a diagnosis. In some cases, brain injuries cannot be clearly identified even with modern technology. Here are some signs to be aware of: 

  • Headaches, 
  • Lightheadedness,
  • Feeling depressed or anxious, 
  • Sensitivity to light or sound, 
  • Vomiting or nausea, 
  • Slurred speech, 
  • Memory issues, 
  • Numbness in fingers, 
  • Clear fluid draining from nose or ears, 
  • Loss of coordination,
  • Vertigo, or
  • Attention deficits.

It is essential to be medically evaluated, even if the symptoms are minor. There are a lot of things about the brain that we still do not fully understand. 

Your best chances for a full recovery require you to follow the guidance of an experienced medical professional throughout the healing process. 

Keep a detailed record of your expenses, including hospital and doctor visits, diagnostics, medications, therapy, travel, and other costs associated with the injury. 

This will allow your Los Angeles brain injury lawyers to accurately account for the compensation you are entitled to. 

When to File a TBI Lawsuit

If you or your loved one sustained a serious brain injury because of something someone else did or did not do, seek counsel from brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles. 

Contact a Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer Today

Experienced legal professionals can help you determine if you have a valid claim for personal injury and guide you through the best way to move forward with your claim.

Depending on the nature of the accident, you may file an initial claim with the negligent party’s insurance company. It is a good idea to have Los Angeles brain injury attorney negotiate on your behalf to ensure your case is not undervalued.

If a proper settlement cannot be achieved through negotiations, litigation may be your best option to get the compensation you deserve.  

At Peerali Law, we understand that filing a lawsuit can be intimidating. We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us or call us at 818-862-4435 for your free case consultation. 

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