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Los Angeles Paralysis Injury Lawyers

According to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, almost one in fifty people in the United States lives with some form of paralysis.

That means over 5 million people deal with paralysis of one or more parts of the body.

Further, people with paralysis tend to have lower household incomes than the general population. 

Only 15.5% of people with paralysis have steady work, and almost half cannot work. 

Paralysis injuries can range from difficulty moving one extremity to a complete loss of movement below the neck. Though some cases are more severe than others, paralysis almost always drastically affects the lives of people who suffer from it.

Paralysis injuries can be particularly impactful if they happen suddenly due to someone else’s negligence. If you have paralysis due to someone’s negligence, you deserve compensation. A Los Angeles paralysis injury lawyer at Peerali Law can help.

Common Causes of Paralysis Injury

Strokes, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis lead to paralysis more often than anything else. Spinal cord injuries are one of the most preventable causes of paralysis. 

Common causes of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents,
  • Physical labor and unsafe working conditions,
  • Slip-and-fall accidents,
  • Sports injuries,
  • Medical malpractice,
  • Violent assault and battery,
  • Shootings, and
  • Other physical trauma.

Sometimes negligence, recklessness, or intentional acts cause spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis. In these cases, the victim can hold the responsible party liable for their actions.

A Los Angeles paralysis injury attorney can help identify when a person living with paralysis is entitled to compensation.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

Paralysis is the inability to move one or more parts of the body voluntarily. There are five primary types of paralysis, all of which can be either partial or complete.

Partial paralysis means a person has some control over the muscles in that part of the body. Complete paralysis is when there is no control over a body part whatsoever.

The five types of paralysis include:

  • Monoplegia—loss of function in one limb;
  • Diplegia—paralysis in the same area on both sides of the body;
  • Hemiplegia—loss of function on one side of the body;
  • Paraplegia—paralysis in both legs; and
  • Tetraplegia—paralysis in all four limbs.

All types of paralysis are serious injuries, even if the symptoms are only temporary. 

Liability for Paralysis Injuries

Like with other personal injury liability claims, the courts will determine who is at fault to decide who is liable for a paralysis injury. Any person who negligently, recklessly, or intentionally causes harm to another can be held liable.

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis. 

If drivers were operating under the influence, speeding, or disobeying other traffic laws when they caused a crash, they are most likely liable for the resulting injuries.

Medical mistakes are another common cause of paralysis. Doctors and other medical professionals are liable if they fail to exercise prudent care in performing their duties.

Proving who is at fault can be a complicated process. It is best to contact a Los Angeles paralysis lawyer to help figure out how to prove your case.

Compensation for Paralysis Injuries

In personal injury lawsuits, damages are meant to compensate for the costs of the injuries a victim suffers. Common damages awarded for paralysis injuries include compensation for:

  • Medical costs,
  • Physical rehabilitation,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Mental anguish,
  • Lost wages,
  • Medical devices,
  • Accessibility devices, and
  • Long-term care.

Due to the severity of paralysis injuries, compensation can be high. Because of the high stakes, different parties have a strong incentive to avoid or shift blame.

A Los Angeles paralysis attorney will help protect your rights and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Paralysis Injury Attorney

Here at Peerali Law, a Los Angeles paralysis injury attorney can empathize with how difficult suffering a paralysis injury can be. We also understand that dealing with a lawsuit is probably the last thing you want to consider during recovery. 

Our boutique firm cares deeply about seeking justice for every client. If you have our firm handle your case, a knowledgeable paralysis injury lawyer will guide you through every step so you can focus on your recovery. 

Peerali Law has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We pride ourselves on crafting innovative and creative legal solutions that produce results. Contact us today so we can help you recover the compensation you deserve. 

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