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best trucking accident lawyers in california

Trucking accidents are often devastating, and they can also be complicated from a legal perspective.

In 2021, there were 5,601 fatalities in the U.S. involving at least one large truck.

If you or a loved one was injured in a trucking accident, it is important to seek professional legal counsel from an experienced semi-truck wreck lawyer. 

Most people do not have a truck wreck lawyer on speed dial, which means doing extensive research or choosing the first law firm that comes up in your search engine.

Unfortunately, many review sites display rankings that have been paid for, and the first several attorneys at the top of your search engine results are likely sponsored.

To help you navigate the task of choosing the best attorney for your case, we have put together a short list of the best truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles. 

Why Should You Contact a Semi-Truck Wreck Lawyer? 

There are a lot of reasons semi-truck accidents occur, and not all accidents are the driver’s fault. In some cases, there may be multiple parties to blame, which is one of the reasons that trucking accident cases can get complicated.

When an accident involves a commercial vehicle, it usually means there are higher insurance limits and more pushback from companies with the resources to negotiate. That said, these cases can also result in substantial settlements and verdicts. 

An experienced semi-truck wreck attorney can conduct an independent investigation into the facts of your claim to determine who is at fault and whom you should file your claim against.

When you’re backed with appropriate evidence and legal muscle, the process of getting the compensation you deserve is likely to be much smoother and less stressful than if you were to navigate the system alone. 

Who Is Liable in a California Truck Accident?

In many circumstances, companies can be held vicariously liable for the actions of their employees as long as the accident took place while the employee was doing their job.

Trucking companies may be legally responsible for the actions of their drivers, so it is important to understand what caused the wreck. Depending on the nature of the truck wreck, more than one party may be liable for your injuries, such as:

  • The truck driver for their negligent actions,
  • The trucking company either for the actions of the driver or their own negligence,
  • The truck leasing company if there was a problem with a leased truck, 
  • The truck parts manufacturer if a defective part contributed to or caused the wreck,
  • The cargo loader for unsafe loading,
  • The truck mechanic for inadequate maintenance or repairs, or
  • A government municipality for improperly marked or maintained roadways.

Many of these parties are required to carry large insurance policies because of the nature of their work

That means the insurance company that owns their policy has more to lose when they pay out a semi-truck wreck claim than claims for other types of vehicle collisions. It is not uncommon for claims to be undervalued by the insurance company, leaving you with less than what you need to cover the extent of your injuries. 

Never accept an unfair settlement. Once you accept, you cannot go back and ask for more. A truck wreck lawyer can help you understand the value of your claim based on your current expenses and a professional estimate of future expenses.

Why Are We Providing a List of The Best Truck Wreck Lawyers in Los Angeles?

At Peerali Law, our semi-truck accident lawyers want to take your case. If, for some reason, we cannot, we want to make sure you find the truck wreck lawyer or law firm that can meet your needs. 

California has the highest number of attorneys in the United States, surpassing New York and Florida. Los Angeles is the most populated city in the Golden State. So, as you can imagine, there is an overwhelming number of lawyers to choose from. Some are more skilled or experienced than others. 

Regardless of whether you decide that we are the best fit for you, these are some of the truck wreck lawyers in Los Angeles we think you should consider reaching out to and why. 

1. Peerali Law

At Peerali Law, we focus our legal practice on finding creative solutions to complex catastrophic injuries, including injuries sustained in semi-truck accidents. We have secured millions of dollars for personal injury victims in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. 

Truck wrecks are almost always traumatic. While you are recovering, you need a Los Angeles truck wreck lawyer who can confidently move your case along toward the goal of achieving maximum compensation for what you have been through. 

At Peerali Law, we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients, so you never have to wonder what is happening with your case. Unlike some of the larger personal injury law firms in Los Angeles, we believe that to best serve your needs, we have to build a unique legal strategy that fits your case. 

If you are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, rest assured that there are no out-of-pocket costs for our legal services. We do not win unless you do, and we provide a free consultation to discuss your case and outline your options.


Website: https://www.peeralilaw.com/

Phone: 818-600-0626

  • Contact Us Schedule your free consultation.

2. Pacific Attorney Group, Accident Lawyers

With over 70 years of collective legal experience among their professional legal team, Pacific Attorney Group has handled countless personal injury cases and understands how to navigate the complex California legal system.

They have won over $100 million on behalf of clients, $13 million of which is attributed to motor vehicle accidents. Like us, Pacific Attorney Group also offers free case consultations to help you understand whether you have a valid case and how to proceed. 

We endorse the Pacific Attorney Group, Accident Lawyers as being among the best truck wreck lawyers in Los Angeles.


Website: https://www.pacificattorneygroup.com/

Phone: 800-358-9617

3. Law Offices of Jennie Levin, PC 

A graduate of U.C. Berkley School of Law, Jennie Levin has focused some of her practice on litigation for large corporations, including large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Astra.

She also handles personal injury and insurance cases like semi-truck accidents. In her career, she has recovered millions of dollars for clients in California and secured over 400 Google reviews.


Website: https://www.levinlegalhelp.com/

Phone: 323-951-1188 

4. Compass Law Group, LLP, Injury Accident Attorneys

Compass Law Group is headquartered in Beverly Hills but has multiple locations throughout the state.

Unlike some other firms that will take any kind of case, they focus solely on personal injury claims and have won millions of dollars on behalf of their clients. To prioritize customer service, Compass Law Group is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via chat and other contact methods. 


Website: https://cmplawgroup.com/

Phone: 310.289.7126

5. The Accident Guys

The name makes it clear: they handle accident cases. The Accident Guys has over 20 locations across California and two in Nevada dedicated to personal injury cases. They focus a portion of their practice on semi-truck wrecks and other accidents.

With 10+ attorneys on staff, The Accident Guys generates millions in awards each month, and they do not get paid unless they win. They have over 1,600 independent 5-star reviews. 


Website: https://calltheaccidentguys.com/

Phone: 877-888-GUYS

6. Lyfe Law

Lyfe Law has an office in Los Angeles and one in Costa Mesa, but their attorneys are happy to correspond via telephone to help you find answers and determine the next steps in your case as quickly as possible.

Lyfe Law has multiple attorneys with 50 years of combined legal experience. Not only do they provide free consultations, but they will also help you secure a free rental car if yours needs to be repaired after your accident. 


Website: https://lyfe.com/

Phone: 800-LYFE-LAW

Contact a Semi-Truck Wreck Lawyer

If you or your loved one has been in a semi-truck accident caused by someone else’s negligent or intentional behavior, you need a Los Angeles truck wreck lawyer you can count on. At Peerali Law, we are committed to helping you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today.

If, for some reason, you choose not to have us take your case, we hope that one of the qualified firms on this list can meet your needs. 

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