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Residents near the Chiquita Canyon Landfill and Sunshine Canyon Landfill in California are confronting significant disturbances due to persistent and overpowering odors. This situation has prompted the South Coast Air Quality Management District to demand immediate remedial measures.

Waste Connections, the company operating these sites, has been ordered to implement improved odor control techniques, which include better utilization of gas flares, consistent updates, consultations with experts, and enhanced surveillance.

The offensive odors, primarily due to dimethyl sulfide emissions from older sections of the landfill, have been linked to substantial disruptions in the daily lives and well-being of the community, leading to complaints of headaches, nausea, asthma, and nosebleeds. In response, the community is mobilizing to initiate a class action lawsuit.

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Los Angeles Landfill Pollution Lawsuit

L.A. County Landfill Background

Chiquita Canyon Landfill Lawsuit – Background

Deep beneath the Chiquita Canyon Landfill, a long-inactive section has seen months of smoldering waste due to an obscure chemical reaction. This caused not just internal temperatures to exceed 200 degrees but also lead to complaints from nearby residents about the smell of burning trash. This situation has not been classified as a fire by the landfill operators in Castaic. Yet, the phenomenon has resulted in significant discomfort within the community.

Sunshine Canyon Landfill Lawsuit – Background

Concurrently, the Sunshine Canyon Landfill, located 12 miles southeast, has encountered its own set of problems following water intrusion from heavy storms. This lead to bacterial growth and foul odors that have adversely affected the well-being of students and staff at a local elementary school.

The unusual occurrences at these two major Los Angeles County landfills have sparked intense scrutiny over the traditional waste disposal methods and the longevity of such dumps. The issues have compromised pollution control systems, leading to the escape of toxic gases and contaminated water. They have also resulted in numerous odor complaints, environmental penalties, and renewed demands for the closure of these facilities.

Despite these challenges, both landfills continue to operate, accepting thousands of tons of trash daily, which has heightened concerns among local residents about potential escalated problems and the perceived lack of serious attention from authorities and landfill operators.

Emmissions Relief Efforts

The escalating situation, particularly at Chiquita Canyon, has seen the landfill’s infrastructure under strain, with the heat melting components of the gas collection syste. This hampers efforts to capture toxic pollutants. This has been coupled with the community’s increasing health complaints due to the odors, leading to significant distress and calls for action.

Efforts to address the smoldering waste include the installation of new gas wells and flares to manage and mitigate the emissions.

Meanwhile, initiatives to help affected residents, such as financial assistance for increased electric bills due to indoor air conditioning use, highlight the ongoing attempts to provide relief. This is just part of the calls for a deeper understanding and resolution of the underlying issues to prevent future occurrences in dormant landfills.

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