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Best Auto Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Online research dominates our everyday lives. When someone needs an LA accident lawyer, they turn to the internet. Phrases like “top auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles” are common search queries. Many of the first search results feature sponsored ad placements, followed by some directories listing numerous Los Angeles car accident lawyers. 

Some of these directories might vet the listed attorneys. However, others prioritize a pay-for-placement scheme. That means an attorney will rank higher if they pay more. These lists aren’t helpful because they can mislead readers and do not necessarily represent that particular attorney’s expertise or success rate. 

What to Know About Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer 

At Peerali Law, we are a personal injury firm that handles many auto accident cases. We are concerned with safeguarding the rights of injured victims. It’s frustrating to hear someone with lasting injuries from a vehicular accident settle for an amount far below their case value

Many high-profile personal injury firms, known for their conspicuous advertising on billboards and media, manage an extremely high volume of personal injury cases. A lawyer with too many cases might prioritize quick settlements over maximum compensation.

You deserve to work with an attorney who always puts your interests first. When you hire us to represent you, we won’t treat you like just another case number in our system. 

Why We Made This List

Unlike directories like Avvo, review sites like Yelp, or search engines like Google, we are on-the-ground auto accident lawyers based in Los Angeles. We genuinely hope to represent you.

However, if for any reason we can’t, our commitment to justice still drives us to guide you to capable representation. Reach out to us for a straightforward, no-obligation case review. By sharing the specifics of your situation, we can advise you on the best course of action. 

Each auto accident is different. Our mission is to do whatever is necessary to work together. We want to ensure you get the medical attention and financial reparation you rightfully deserve after an accident. While we strive to take on every case that comes our way, there are instances where we might not see a clear path forward—though another attorney might see it differently. 

We hope you think of Peerali Law when seeking a car accident lawyer. However, if we aren’t your final choice, we want you to hire a lawyer who is proficient and will have your best interests in mind. For this reason, we’ve curated a list of the top 6 Los Angeles auto accident lawyers with whom we’ve personally collaborated.

1. Peerali Law – Kristopher and Serena Peerali 

About Us | Contact Information 

Headed by the dynamic team of Kristopher and Serena Peerali, Peerali Law has cemented its name as a powerhouse in catastrophic personal injury law in Los Angeles. Kristopher Peerali is an alumnus of the University of Southern California Gould School of Law.

He launched his career at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, gaining invaluable insights into multifaceted legal disputes. However, his heart found its calling in standing up for individuals against corporate giants, leading him to co-found Peerali Law. Since then, he’s championed million-dollar settlements for victims, especially in auto accident cases. 

Serena Peerali, the co-founder of Peerali Law, is renowned for her exceptional skills in handling catastrophic personal injury cases, especially when they proceed to trial.

Before opening Peerali Law, Serena sharpened her litigation expertise in a distinguished plaintiff’s firm in Downtown Los Angeles. Her vast experience in civil litigation ranges from drafting pivotal motions to orchestrating fruitful settlement discussions.

With a commendable track record, Serena has showcased her prowess in numerous jury trials, both leading the charge and supporting as a second chair.

Peerali Law is a renowned boutique firm in the heart of Los Angeles. Clients praise our skills, especially when it comes to devising ingenious legal strategies for wrongful death and intricate catastrophic injury cases.

Our attorneys, driven by tenacity, enthusiasm, and innovation, consistently deliver unparalleled results for our esteemed clients. If you’re a victim of an vehicular accident, contact Peerali Law Offices at 818-812-5239 for a comprehensive consultation.

2. The Law Offices of Jennie Levin – Jennie Levin 

Firm Website| Contact Information 

Year Admitted to California Bar Law School Attended 

2007 U.C. Berkeley School of Law 

With a history of successfully representing some of the world’s most notable companies, attorney Jennie Levin brings a unique advantage to auto accident litigation.

Refining her legal knowledge at the nationally acclaimed Kaye Scholer, she acted as defense counsel for industry corporations like Pfizer and Astra Zeneca in complex pharmaceutical disputes. She also protected the interests of companies like Broadcom amidst stock controversies.

Her transition from safeguarding corporations to advocating for individuals marked a pivotal change in her career path. Establishing herself as a strong Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Jennie leverages her profound understanding of corporate litigation to secure substantial settlements for her clients consistently.

She is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Hebrew, bridging linguistic barriers and ensuring a broader clientele feels understood and represented. With her extensive experience in complex corporate litigation, she skillfully navigates the intricacies of every auto accident case. 

3. Pacific Attorney Group – P. Mark Shayani 

Firm Website | Contact Information 

Year Admitted to the California Bar Law School Attended

2000 University of Texas School of Law 

Mark Shayani is the founding attorney of Pacific Attorney Group. He’s a devoted professional committed to helping those affected by personal injuries. With an impressive track record, Shayani has secured millions for his clients, proving his dedication and proficiency in the legal field. While his additional qualifications in medicine add a unique perspective, it’s important to note that his primary focus is law in California.

Mark’s firm is not just about legal representation; it’s about compassion and understanding. With the belief that the right legal team can be a game-changer, Pacific Attorney Group stands out with its team of experienced professionals, each bringing their own skillset to assist clients.

Pacific Attorney Group’s approach is personalized, ensuring clients aren’t treated as mere case numbers but as individuals with genuine concerns. 

Pacific Attorney Group focuses on personal injury cases, ranging from car accidents to workplace injuries. The firm operates on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases, emphasizing its belief in providing clients peace of mind without financial strain. If you’re seeking dedicated, top-tier representation in Los Angeles, Mark Shayani and his team are a great choice.

4. The Accident Guys – Omid E. Dayan

Firm Website | Contact Information 

Year Admitted to the California Bar Law School Attended

2012 Pepperdine School of Law 

The Accident Guys are premier Los Angeles car accident and workers’ compensation lawyers dedicated to assisting victims of accidents. Their stellar reputation is evident from their 98% success rate and glowing 5-Star reviews on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Moreover, they confidently work on a no-win-no-fee basis, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to their clients.

Omid E. Dayan is a co-founder of The Accident Guys and a reputable Los Angeles car accident lawyer. He has represented thousands of car accident clients, working tirelessly to secure the maximum compensation possible. 

Initially hesitant about entering the personal injury field, Omid quickly discerned there was a critical need for strong advocates. Witnessing firsthand the ruthless tactics of insurance companies, he became a champion for the underserved, striving to ensure fair compensation for all his clients. 

5. Compass Law Group, LLP – Joseph Shirazi, Esq. 

Firm Website | Contact Information 

Year Admitted to the California Bar Law School Attended

2009 Loyola Law School 

Joseph Shirazi, Esq., co-founder of Compass Law Group, LLP, is committed to representing those wronged by others. His passion for justice is further accentuated by his recognition in the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40.

Throughout his legal career, he has honed a meticulous approach to litigation, ensuring his clients are heard and fighting to help them get compensated rightfully and promptly. Joseph has a deep understanding of insurance company tactics, allowing him to counteract their attempts to underpay and delay claims.

Compass Law Group, LLP takes pride in its commitment to injured victims. It offers an extensive range of legal services, including representation for auto accidents involving rideshare vehicles, large trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Joseph represents auto accident victims for various injuries, including brain and other catastrophic injuries.

If you lost a loved one in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, he can represent surviving family members in a wrongful death action. 

He doesn’t believe victims should be burdened with legal costs unless they win their case, which is like our other recommended firms on this list. If your attorney does not collect any money on your behalf, you won’t pay any legal fees. 

6. West Coast Trial Lawyers – Allen Patatanyan 

Firm Website | Contact Information 

Year Admitted to the California Bar Law School Attended

2000 Southwestern University School of Law 

Allen Patatanyan is the co-founder and Managing Partner of West Coast Trial Lawyers. A Southwestern University School of Law graduate, Allen’s academic prowess placed him in the top 1% of his class.

His academic achievements caught the attention of O’Melveny & Myers, the largest law firm in Los Angeles. It was here where he collaborated with future West Coast Trial Lawyers co-founder Neama Rahmani. 

But Allen’s legal drive was rooted in a more profound calling. He yearned to champion the rights of ordinary individuals going up against mega-corporations.

Allen ventured out independently, establishing his own Los Angeles firm. For over a decade, Allen has been a formidable advocate for the everyday person, fiercely holding wrongdoers accountable for their negligence. 

His tenacity and dedication have translated into securing tens of millions in settlements and judgments. He embodies the spirit of West Coast Trial Lawyers, which is a commitment to justice, impeccable service, and genuine care for their clients. 

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Kristopher earned his J.D. at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law where he was a member of the Review of Law and Social Justice honors law journal and was awarded several scholastic honors.

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