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Average Brain Injury Settlement

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBI’s, are often catastrophic. However, even seemingly minor concussions can have hidden complications, especially if the victim suffers another brain injury later in life. 

It’s estimated that 1.7 to 3.8 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury yearly, many requiring hospitalizations. If someone else’s negligence caused your TBI, you could pursue compensation for your damages. 

Understandably, prospective clients want to know the average settlement for a traumatic brain injury and how much they will receive.

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It is difficult to determine the average settlement for traumatic brain injury but we will walk you through the different types of injuries and the average settlement for that type of traumatic brain injury.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Numerous types of accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries. People most commonly get TBIs from:

  • Car accidents,
  • Sports injuries,
  • Slip and falls,
  • Violence, and
  • Blasts.

Brain injuries can be either closed or penetrating. A closed head injury means the skull is intact. A penetrating brain injury happens when someone breaks the skull and hits the brain directly, such as a bullet or knife wound.

Read on to learn more about average settlements for traumatic brain injuries.

Average Brain Injury Settlement Amounts

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most severe injuries you can sustain in an accident. 

Even if your symptoms resolve, it doesn’t mean you won’t have complications. Seeking immediate medical care for a traumatic brain injury is crucial. Proper medical treatment can decrease the risk of permanent damage.

Numerous factors impact your potential settlement for a traumatic brain injury. The figures listed here do not mean that is what you will receive in your case. Your claim might be worth more or less. 

On average, a traumatic brain injury settlement case will exceed $100,000. Some cases can be worth significantly more. Multi-million-dollar verdicts are not unheard of in traumatic brain injury cases. According to VerdictSearch, California’s average traumatic brain injury verdict is just under $1.6 million.

Average Brain Injury Settlement

Average Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements

A concussion is one example of a minor brain injury. For some people, symptoms of concussions can last weeks, while others might have complaints months later.

Potential concussion symptoms include:

  • Headaches or the feeling of “pressure” in the head;
  • Nausea or vomiting;
  • Confusion or problems with memory or concentration;
  • Bothered by light or noise;
  • Blurry or double vision;
  • Balance problems; and
  • Feeling sluggish, foggy, hazy, or groggy.

Symptoms of a concussion generally show up soon after the injury, but some symptoms can take hours or days.

While average mild traumatic brain injury settlements may be lower, taking these injuries seriously is crucial. Every time you have a concussion, it can lead to further problems should you have another one.

For mild traumatic brain injury settlements, compensation typically ranges from $700,000 to $1.2 million, based on settlement data. Even cases categorized as mild can result in substantial awards, with severe injuries potentially yielding much higher settlements.

Car Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements

Car accident brain injuries are one of the top causes of traumatic brain injuries. Settlement amounts vary widely based on the severity of your car accident brain injury, who is liable, and your overall damages.

Based on our own settlement data the average brain injury settlement is between $700,000 to $1.2 million. Even mild brain injuries may result in compensation in the millions, while severe cases could end up with much higher awards. If your injuries are permanent, your case could be worth over $500,000.

Average Settlements for Slip and Falls

No one leaves their home with the assumption they are going to fall and have a life-changing injury.

Unfortunately, that is what happens in many slip and fall accidents. Property owners who do not keep their property reasonably safe for visitors could be liable for your injuries in a slip and fall.

Brain injuries are common because many people fall and hit their heads on something while falling or on the ground.

Proving liability against the property owner is the key to maximizing your slip and fall settlement. Many insurance company adjusters are skeptical of slip and fall claims because some people file fraudulent claims.

You’re likely to receive a higher amount if you go to trial. Jury awards can be in the millions, such as a $2.6 million verdict when someone fell down stairs wet from the rain.  

Average Settlement for Sports-Related Brain Injuries

Of the total TBIs each year, around 10% are due to sports and recreational activities. Athletes have a higher risk of brain injuries, especially professional athletes engaged in high-contact sports.

Injured athletes can have lifelong damage from a brain injury. Sports injuries are devastating for more than just the victim. Family members are affected, too, and might face financial, caretaking, and legal challenges.

Settlements and verdicts for sports-related traumatic brain injuries can vary widely—from one dollar to seven figures. The median judgment is around $13,000.

Brain Injury Settlements for Violent Attacks

Traumatic brain injuries related to violent attacks like gunshot wounds are complex. Brain injuries can be caused by bullets or shrapnel lodged in the head. Someone violently attacked in a fight might also sustain a brain injury.

In fact, numerous types of violent attacks can lead to head injuries. Settlements for these types of claims can be higher, depending on the circumstances. For example, someone viciously attacked at a bar received a verdict of over $13 million.

Brain Injury Settlements for Blasts

Certain industry workers and active military members are at risk for injuries from explosions and fires, including brain injuries. Shards of debris and shrapnel can strike someone’s head.

However, even a minor explosion can cause brain damage from shockwaves and lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Depending on circumstances, settlements from explosions can be millions of dollars.

For example, a farmer’s family received $9,000,000 after he was left in a persistent vegetative state after a grain elevator exploded.

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