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California Government Liability Attorneys

Lawsuits are complicated enough under the best circumstances. Unfortunately, when litigating against the federal, state, or local government, there are additional hurdles to jump through.
Cases against the government often carry particular importance for the community outside the courtrooms.
These cases also present special challenges. Finding experienced attorneys that sue government agencies regularly is essential to winning these cases.
When a government entity has harmed you, it can be hard to know where to go. Knowledgeable attorneys that sue the government in California are hard to find.
Whether you believe a government agent violated your civil rights or the negligence of a public employee injured you, Peerali Law knows what to do. Our skilled attorneys can help you protect your rights.


When You Need a Government Liability Attorney

If a government employee or agency’s negligence injured you or a family member, you might be able to recover compensation. This may require suing a government agency to protect your rights. 
In California, cases against the government carry unique challenges due to sovereign immunity. California’s sovereign immunity laws put limitations on lawsuits against government entities.
Typically, you need to rely on a statute waiving sovereign immunity to sue a public entity or employee. Otherwise, the entity or employee is immune from lawsuits.
Where suing the government is allowed, you must typically file your claim more quickly than you would need to in most claims against an individual or private entity. Thus, time is of the essence if you want to preserve your right to recover compensation from a government agency. 
Attorneys that sue the government in California know when an individual can successfully sue the government for damages.

Common Government Liability Cases 

Lawsuits against government employees or agencies fall under a few common categories. When attempting to litigate an issue within these categories, it is important to consult with attorneys that sue government agencies. These attorneys will understand the particular issues that will determine the outcome of your case.

Civil Rights Litigation

The laws of the United States protect the fundamental civil rights of every individual. Civil rights include protections from discrimination based on skin color, nationality, gender, religion, age, or disability status.
These rights also protect free speech, a fair trial, and freedom of religion, among other fundamental rights. Unfortunately, government employees and entities do not always respect civil rights.
For example, police, administrative officials, and school employees sometimes discriminate against people of color. If you feel your rights have been violated, you deserve the opportunity to seek justice.

Auto Accidents Involving Government Vehicles

Like the general public, government employees sometimes cause auto accidents while on the job. In California, there are special procedures for seeking compensation for damage caused by a public employee’s driving.
It is essential to consult with attorneys that sue government agencies in California before filing a claim. This is especially true if the accident caused severe damage or injury.

Government Premises Liability

Government agencies are responsible for safely managing their properties just like everyone else. However, particular circumstances need to be met for a premises liability claim against a government entity to be successful.

Injuries at Public Schools

It is common for children to be injured while attending a public school. Usually, these injuries are minor and just a normal part of growing up. 
Unfortunately, sometimes the negligence of teachers, staff, or other government employees can lead to severe injury. In these cases, suing the school to obtain compensation for your child’s injuries may be necessary.

Peerali Law Knows How to Protect Your Rights


If a government entity has injured you or violated your rights, Peerali Law can help. Our experienced attorneys specialize in crafting innovative and creative solutions to protect your rights.
The attorneys at Peerali Law passionately dedicate themselves to seeking justice for every client. We care deeply about every case and have recovered millions of dollars to compensate for our clients’ injuries.
Call Peerali Law now so we can help you fight for what is right.
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